Testnet Guide

Testnet Link: https://testapp.crust.finance

  1. Get MNT tokens from mantle faucet.

  2. Bridge your MNT token to mantle testnet using the official mantle bridge . It should take around 5-10 mins to receive MNT on mantle testnet.

  3. Once you have MNT token on mantle network, head over to faucet page and get testnet USDC, USDT and CRUST token.

  4. It's time to swap some tokens. Head over to swap page. Select tokens to swap, by clicking on the token logos. Enter the amount and click on swap button. Try different combinations, and different amount.

  5. Next up, let's add some liquidity. Head over to liquidity page. Add liquidity in one of the existing pools, or if you have other testnet tokens, create a new pool and provide liquidity (connect with team on discord if you wish to get the tokens whitelisted for gauges). Stake your liquidity to get emissions. Also try unstaking and withdrawing your liquidity.

  6. Next it's time to lock some tokens. Head over to vest page, and lock your CRUST to receive veCRUST. Try increasing your lock, and increasing the amount. Also try merging multiple NFTs to increase your overall voting powers

  7. Next try the vote screen. Vote on your favourite gauges to receive swap fees and bribes generated by them. Also try creating a bribe on your favourite gauges.

  8. Next head over to the reward screen, and collect your rewards by clicking on the claim button.

  9. Once you are done, join our discord to share feedback and bug report.

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