Crust Finance is a decentralised exchange and automated market marker built on Mantle network focusing on providing efficient token swaps and deep liquidity for stablecoins and other assets. Crust Finance comes with a unique governance structure using the ve(3,3) system that provides the possibility to maximise gains for all users of the ecosystem. Crust Finance takes from Solidly's vision that all participants in an ecosystem can create a rewarding cycle through mutual cooperation. Users can lock their $CRST tokens into the protocol to receive $veCRST token, which can vote on which liquidity pools will get $oCRST token emissions, while in return receiving the fees and bribes that the liquidity pools generate.

Crust Finance is a friendly fork of retro Finance, and we are collaborating with their team to share ideas and features as we build towards our visions. We know that a solid foundation is crucial for long-term success, and retro has proven to be a successful model already.

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